Adrenaline. Blood pumping. Goosebumps. These are the factors that motivate me to drive eight-and-a-half hours to take pictures at one football game. It’s not just about capturing the moment but about translating the powerful emotions for someone who can’t make it to the game. To preserve a moment in such a way that someone 200 years from now can feel the sound vibrating beneath the wooden seats at Hayward Field long after its destruction.

Every sport has a mechanical side to it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours as a player, and on the sidelines behind the lens. Having first-hand experience in both perspectives of the game, I am more than just a spectator with a camera. I know where the play is going next, I know the raging emotions, and I know what to look for. Sports photography takes my two greatest passions in life and combines them in one centralized location.